This is the Sertizen life. We are creating the future through AI and having fun doing it. Need proof?
See for yourself.


We cultivate intelligence and learning and help people grow beyond their potential. This is your chance to build your career in a growing data driven industry. We seek passion and ambition to turn data into action!


AI Researcher

"Work-life-balance at Sertis is great. The work can be really challenging at times, but I've never found that stress being translated to my personal life."


Data Engineer

"Atmosphere at Sertis is very relaxing and fun. This is my first job and I thought that it would be a very typical stressful desk job, but I feel so lucky that it isn't like that at all"


Data Analyst

"Sertis's culture is always changing. Our company is growing, so we are getting more people's perspective that help us see the world globally as well as embrace them."


Senior Communications & PR

"It's very convenient. boarding public transport and being in central area, good life style, and trendy area of Bangkok. And the way we treat each other as a family that we can frankly talk to the people who would always listen and open to us."


These 7 values are at the heart of everything we do at Sertis, the foundation of all our interactions with each other and our clients.
We are helpful and friendly, whatever the situation
We act and speak openly to those around us
We show our success through actions not words
We do what is right, even when it's difficult
We tackle all obstacles
with enthusiasm
We listen to understand,
we don't rush to judgement
We make learning
a mission, we'll never
stop learning


At Sertis we build great teams AND take great care of them.

Continued Learning

We take great pride at being life long learners. We support our Sertizens by providing training allowances, education support and frequent lunch and learns.

Health and Well-being

We believe healthy Sertizens are happy Sertizens. We offer a selection of programs such as insurance, healthy bonus, gym discounts, and guided meditation.

Rewards and Flexibility

Work should work for you. We have flexible starting times and flexible leave policy. And bonuses to support you outside of work.


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1. Phone Call with Talent Acquisition
You will be asked a few questions on your experience, skills, availability, career expectations and motivations.
2. First Stage
You will complete role-related tests and then meet the team to speak more in depth about the role.
3. Take Home Test
The team enjoyed their talk with you and would like to assess your skills a little further, a take home test with presentation will be given.
4. Final Stage
We would like for you to come in one last time to present your take home test, speak to more members of the team and speak to other members of Sertis to get a good understanding of our culture and core values.
5. Sertis Offer
Congrats! We want to make you an offer, usually the offer will take place over the phone. Immediately after, an offer letter will be sent with proposed terms. Take your time! And ask all the questions you need before making a decision. We completely understand and here to help.


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