Sertis is a leading data and AI innovation company with a world-class professional team.
Our talented team members come from around the world: North America, Europe, and Asia.
We bring data science innovation to uncover valuable insights and solve complex business problems.


We have built 'Datana' (DATA + ANAlytics), a flexible big data analytics platform with data preparation automation capability.
The aim of Datana is to allow people to analyse data more easily by providing a simple to use web interface
with built in tools for end-to-end big data pipeline integration and provision ranging from data ingestion, data preparation, modeling to deployment.

We combined our expertise in data science, analytics, visualization, and digital marketing to discover insights,
predict future opportunities, and maximize growth potential. We enable our clients to achieve their goals
by helping them structure, analyse and unleash the power of big data.
A flexible big data analytics platform.
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We believe that a society will be better off when people make decisions with data.
We commit to equip the public with better understanding on how to use data (data literacy)
and media for data driven contents (data journalism).

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