Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

We work with clients to develop custom AI solution/service/product that utilize AI disciplines. We are looking to apply cutting edge research works to strengthen our AI capability and offer unique solutions to our clients.

Data Analytics

We are creating analytic reports and making recommendations to clients and how resulting information can be used to add value to their businesses.

Machine Learning & Data Engineering

We bridge the World via data ETL processes and data integration with cutting-edge technology focusing on data quality to ensure that we deliver the best data quality to the client.

Software Engineering

We're building cutting edge tools to handle all the Big Data needs of our internal teams and external clients. We create everything from mobile apps that help with data collection and tagging to specialized software that handles opening and closing of doors!

Client Solution Innovation

We are the team that helps connect clients with internal technical teams in order to make business impacts through data and AI.


We present and communicate Sertis's corporate identities and values to the public, customers, and internal through creative content, designed artwork & video via offline and online channels.

People Operations & Support

Our goal is to ensure that the company's operations are effective and efficient in order to create maximum value under provided resources. We develop and implement appropriate practices for Sertis not only to fulfill organizational requirements, but also to drive overall performance.