Datana Data Suite

A leading Big Data platform with proven scalability
to handle advanced AI and machine learning applications
for all your big data needs.
Datana Notebook
Develop your data science and
data processing application
on the cloud. Manage your cloud
resources and data access levels
with this easy to use application.
Datana Insight
Portal to view various BI reports
in one place with custom security
layer to match the most demanding
Datana Explorer
Our own BI platform for those
looking for a more cost effective
alternative to existing BI tools.
Datana HealthCheck
Comprehensive web-based data
exploration portal for Datana
Data Platform users to explore
and search for tables in the platform
by using keyword or metadata.
Datana Table Creator
Easy to use web-based data ingestion
portal for importing structured data
into the data system.

Datana VisionLab

Computer Vision-based products to extract insights
and create value from images and videos.
AI face recognition and verification
system with leading accuracy level.
In depth analysis of vehicles
that drive past cameras for better
insights and improved security applications
security applications.
Comprehensive AI camera feed
analysis system.

Datana TextLab

AI-driven, text-based research tool to ingest and analyze various sources
of information e.g. news and social data, provide visualized insights
and suggest actionable items.

Datana GeoLab

Predict sales and behaviour of different locations
based on the characteristics of the surrounding area.


Open enterprise blockchain platform for machine to machine communication,
energy platform and customer data security applications.

State of the art skin cancer detection solution,
providing a low cost way of identifying potential high-risk cases.