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Enterprise Structured Data

We work together with your team to create custom
data science solution to optimise the growth of your business
  • Segment Marketing
Segment your customers into groups so that you can better target them,
increasing the effectiveness of your marketing budget.
  • Personalized Marketing
Create personalised marketing campaigns that treat every customer as individuals,
ensuring the highest conversion rate for your promotions.
  • Cross-Sell / Up-Sell
Customers will want to keep buying from you if you can recommend products
that match their needs, we can assist you in putting the right products
in front of your customers at the right time.
  • Churn and Retention
We can highlight the customers most at risk of leaving you and recommend
the actiond you cantake to help retain these valuable customers.
  • GEOspatial
Using millions of location data points, our AI can help you make
better decisions on where to expand your business and which location
is ideal for which product and services.
  • Fraud
Highlight potential fraudulent transactions and activities quickly
to ensure they do not cause damage to your business.