Today data is continuously generated by numerous devices everywhere, from smartphones to fitness trackers to home appliances. With proper technology and analysis, this growing data will enable us to better understand the world and its people.
However, most companies have found it difficult to capture the full potential of all this data. Most find that they are flooded with data.

Big data is usually referred to datasets that are too large to fit a single unit of storage. To tackle big data, a different and more sophisticated methods in analysis, capturing, searching and storing are required.


AI/ Machine Learning Models
Our experienced data scientists from Data Innovation Lab have developed an array of applications (e.g. Thai NLP, Video/Image Recognition, Geospatial) utilising cutting edge AI technology (Deep Learning) for retail, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, and government agencies.
Big Data System
Real time analytics system in the cloud or your own cluster. Scalable to easily handle petabytes of data.
Data Strategy
Data is an asset that can boost your company results. Our world class team will help optimise how you use your data.
Data Science to Insights
With our analytics platform, our people and software together will unlock insights that will drive your growth.
Digital Marketing
Use data to improve your digital marketing reach. We can help develop an omnichannel strategy to engage your customers more effectively.
Customer 360 degrees
We provide important capabilities to help you make effective use of big data and improve customer experience.
Acquiring potential customers
We help you to understand and identify the valuable new customers matching your business objectives and improve your customer acquisition ability.
Our team can train your people and transfer our knowledge. We run workshops to make sure everyone is effective in their roles.